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Your Favorite Shoes From 2015

Throughout the year members uploaded hundreds of photos to our ‘Sexy High Heels from around the World’ community page on Google+.

In the last two years the Sexy Shoes Community Page grew from just a hand full of people to over 11,000 members strong. The common bond might be a little silly for some, but Sexy Shoes are popular all over the world, and for a good reason. They make the wearer feel confident and look good! Even guys and gals that don’t usually wear high heels love looking at pictures of shoes. Beautiful details and striking designs simply draw the eye.

Before you join me and thousands of fellow shoe lovers on the Sexy Shoes community page,

I have highlighted 12 of the Most Loved Shoe Pictures here:

black high heeled sandals #sexyshoes

purple braided sandals #sexyshoes

Sexy black heels #sexyshoes

Tan, white and black pumps #sexyshoes

Black and White #sexyshoes

Glitter Pumps In 3 Fun Colors #sexyshoes

Gold High Heels #sexyshoes

Gold Shoes and Tatoo #sexyshoes

Red leather pumps #sexyshoes

Sexy Boots with Cutout #sexyshoes

Two Tone Pumps #sexyshoes

White Heels #sexyshoes

Thank you to all the Sexy Shoes community members for sharing your Shoe pictures!

I would especially like to thank Sinimalé Freddy – French Visionary – for consistently sharing a ton of sexy shoe pictures. We all love and adore them. Your eye candy gets shared the most. 🙂

Be sure to check out the Sexy Shoes Community page on Google Plus for yourself and see the hundreds, if not thousands, of shoe pictures that have been shared so far.

Have fun and do leave me a comment before you go. I love hearing from you!

Which pair of sexy shoes is your favorite? Can you pick just one? Scroll down to comment. 


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