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Review on Diba Daniela High Heel Sandal

Sexy summer sandals in sunflower yellow with a delicious wooden heel.

Just as promised, the Diba Daniela High Heel Sandals arrived in 2 business days. My fiancé knew I was anxiously awaiting their arrival so when I came home I found the shoe box and a pink daisy on my pillow, what a guy!

Daniela High Heel Sandal

The first thing I did was show my new Diba sandals to my daughter, she squealed “Awesome, may I borrow them this weekend?” OK, so far so good. The colors of the shoes are exactly like they are pictured online, sunflower yellow straps with a nice red foot bed and a light brown wood platform heel.

The straps are made from a very soft and supple leather but I noticed right away that the vamp on the left shoe was knotted just a little bit more tightly. Sure enough after wearing the shoes for a couple of hours the left shoe started to put a little pressure on my foot in that exact spot.

The heel is fairly high at 4 ½” and 1 ¼” platform, with a rubberized bottom. I was able to walk comfortably on ceramic tiles without slipping. The insole contoured nicely to my foot and has a cushioned lining. If you’re not used to such a high heel make sure to walk around your home for a while before venturing outside.

This is a very sexy looking and reasonably comfortable shoe, at a great price.

By the way, I was wearing shorts and received a nice compliment about my legs.

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Do you like my yellow summer sandals? Leave me a comment below. 

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