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Sexy Heels for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and a pair of lovely, and of course sexy heels, is a must have for this special day.

Saint Valentine’s Day, commonly shortened to Valentine’s Day, is an annual commemoration held on February 14, celebrating love and affection. It really doesn’t matter if you have a special someone (i.e. boyfriend, husband or significant other) to exchange cards or gift and to celebrate with. Valentine’s day is about love and making someone feel special. That someone should be you!

Love Bites from Iron Fist - Sexy Shoes for Valentine's Day

Love Bites

In Finland, Valentine’s Day is called Ystävänpäivä, which translates into “Friend’s day”. As the name indicates, this day is more about remembering all your friends, not only your loved ones.

So gather all you friends around, put on your sexy new heels and go have some fun this Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Did you know? Approximately 141 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas. That’s crazy! My husband and I have been together for 6 six years now and only exchanged Valentine’s cards once (he made the card himself).

Find tons of Sexy Heels for Valentine’s Day here.

What is your Sweetheart getting for Valentine’s Day? Leave me a comment below.

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