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Do you love wearing high heels, but have small or very large feet and trouble finding shoes that fit? Have you heard of ‘Shoes of Prey’?

Why design your own custom made shoes? Because no one knows your style or size like you do. There is something almost supernatural about the perfect pair of shoes, don’t you think? Fabulous and functional, the ultimate custom made women’s shoes will lift your spirits, inspire acts of daring and resound a click of confidence wherever you go. That is, if you can find them!
Welcome to Shoes of Prey, a website that makes it super easy for you to design your very own custom made shoes in almost any size.

From the pattern you choose to the final stitch, every Shoes of Prey product is crafted by master artisans to your exact specifications. You simply select your normal shoe size or the size you wear most often. (Due to the laws of physics 6-inch heels work best for European sizes 35 – 45 or US sizes 4.5 – 12, and 4-inch wedges are only available from a European size 32.5 upwards.)

Here is the list of women’s shoe sizes Shoes of Prey offers:

  • European 31 – 49
  • Australian 2½ – 15
  • US 2½ – 15
  • UK 12½ (Child) – 13½
  • Japanese 20 – 30
Custom Shoes for small feet

Shoes of Prey

Select from 12 essential shoe shapes – including ballet flats, stilettos, sandals, gladiators, party heels, oxfords, boots and wedges – to craft your ultimate design.

Play with over 170 fabrics to select the shade and texture you want. They offer different types of leathers, silks, genuine snakeskin, genuine fish skin, vegan, sparkle and cotton blends.

Your shoes will be delivered free via DHL Express within 3 – 5 weeks. Dream shoes not quite right? Return within 365 days and we’ll remake them free of charge or offer a full refund.

Custom made shoes for women

How they make those custom shoes:

Step 1: Cutting the pattern
Almost every pair of shoes we make at Shoes of Prey is unique and so requires a unique pattern to be cut. Pattern cutting involves creating the shape of each component of the shoe. With all our possible shoe combinations and each shoe size requiring a new pattern, we have a lot of patterns in our studio!

Step 2: Tools of the trade
One of the most important tools for making a shoe is the last, something which customers never normally get to see! The last is a foot shaped piece of material over which the shoes are molded.

Step 3: Edging
Edging is the process of flattening the edge of the pieces of leather that have been cut to the pattern so it is thinner than the rest of the leather piece.

Step 4: Stitching
The different parts of the shoe are then carefully stitched together.

Step 5: Trimming preparation
The next step is to prepare the trimming before it is added to the shoes.

Step 6: Selecting the heel
What size heel would you like? Our stiletto heels come in different shapes and sizes, and you get to pick!

Step 7: Trimming the excess
This involves carefully putting together and making the finishing touches to the decorative upper for another pair of hand made shoes.

Step 8: Preparing the sole
The core pieces of the sole of the shoe are then covered either side by the insole and the outer sole.

Step 9: Shoes of Prey Logo
The Shoes of Prey logo is lovingly added to your shoes.

Step 10: Affixing the outer sole
The outer sole is then affixed to the shoe.

Step 11: Finishing
The final cutting, cleaning and polishing of the shoes. The shoes are then boxed and shipped straight to your waiting feet!


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