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title pic Best Sexy Shoes for Long Skirts and Dresses

Posted by Silke on April 7, 2011

Skirts and dresses with longer hemlines are again in fashion this spring.

Stephanie Solomon, the fashion director of Bloomingdale’s, says: “Below the knee, midcalf, anywhere hovering around the ankles — all of these lengths are trending at the moment.” Do you love the look of long hemlines and wonder which pair of shoes to wear with them?

long skirts and sexy shoes

Wedges keep this look young and edgy, with ankle boots on cool days and wedged platforms on others.

For warmer days we suggest ballet shoes, flats, strappy sandals or 1 inch heeled sandals. A word of caution, do not wear your skinny heeled pumps with the new longer length skirts and dresses. A long, slender skirt can be elongating and wearing high heeled pumps could make you look out of proportion. 

Keep the following suggestions in mind when choosing sexy shoes for long skirts and dresses.

Your choice of footwear will need to accomplish one of the following three things: 
1. Visually become a part of the skirt. 
2. Add length or height beneath the hemline of the skirt, so that the skirt will seem shorter, or your legs will seem longer.
3. Work with the lines of the skirt to create a look that is balanced.

Do you have any suggestions to add? Please leave us a comment below.


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