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As always, I was excited to receive a new freebie, especially when it’s an item I can really use, like this revolutionary calorie burning shaper. Over the last several years I have slowly and steadily gained 10 pounds around my mid-section that I’m having a very difficult time to loose.

Thankfully I waited until Saturday morning to opened my new black ShaToBu tummy shaping, muscle toning, calorie burning tights because I spent several minutes trying to get into them.

Anytime you are planing on wearing high waist shape wear in the morning, you better add an extra minute or two or three to your routine. There is not much give to these tights due to the resistance band technology, which is supposed to help keep everything in place and stimulate your muscles. I ended up sitting on my bed to finish the job.

shapewear tights and black heelsThese tights from ShaToBu went from my toes all the way up to right under my bra strap, with tightly woven bands around the upper thighs, buttocks, waist and tummy areas. Let me tell you, the effort was absolutely worth it. I loved the feel of being ‘hugged’ all day long and unlike regular tights I didn’t get that uncomfortable cutting into my waist effect.

I wore the ShaToBu Get Fit Shaping Tights all day and into the night! We drove 2 hours to the cities to meet up with a friend that day, had a huge German feast for dinner and sat for another 2 hours in the car on the trip home that night. I was very surprised by how comfortable I felt the whole time. No pinching, itching or pulling!

Truthfully I was a little concerned going to the restroom the first time, but even that turned out to be no hassle at all. :) I do recommend checking your hem line in front of a mirror, if your dress is too short the thigh bands might stick out (see photo) and that might not be appropriate for work or going to church.

We have been lucky to have a very mild winter in Minnesota this year, but even with the sun shining all day the air is still chilly. Like it or not we usually end up wearing tights under dresses and skirts for the better part of 5 months out of the year. So, why not spend a little bit more on tights that are durable, comfortable and are proven to help you loose weight by burning calories to boot.

Do you want to learn more about ShaToBu, the science behind the shape wear and the different products they offer?

Visit www.shatobu.com – The Workout You Wear!

This product was provided to me, at no cost, by the representing PR agency (Lipton Publicity) for the sole purpose of product testing. I did not accept monetary compensation for reviewing or writing about this product. I only review products that I have personally tested, and all opinions expressed are my own.


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