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Over the years I received many compliments on my shoes, both from men and women. When you get a compliment from a guy you don’t really know if it has sexual inclinations, if it’s a pick up line or if he’s simply trying to stand out. Come to think of it, most men complimented me on my feet and legs, not the sexy shoes I was wearing.

Outfit & shoes I wore that day

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There is a certain sense of comradery when you receive kudos from another woman. You share the same sense of style, you know what it feels like to stand and walk in high heels and you appreciate that you just met another shoe lover.

I walked out of a restaurant the other day with my husband and two women made it a point to walk all the way across the parking lot to comment on my shoes. They said they noticed us while we were eating our dinner and how much they both adored my pumps.

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My husband was quick to comment on the whole scenario. “Wow, I’ve married a celebrity. You get so many compliments on your choice of shoes.” I had to laugh, of course he was referring to my website the “Sexy Shoes Expert”. It’s such a cool feeling to get a compliment on the very thing I love and write about. Both my husband and I were beaming after this little exchange.

The whole incident made me reflect on all the times I have complimented other women on their sexy shoes. To me it’s a feel good thing and truly it’s just as enjoyable to give compliments as it is to receive them.

When is the last time you made a woman smile and feel good about her choice of shoes? Do you have a memorable story when you received a compliment on your sexy foot ware? Please share! I look forward to hearing from you.


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