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Posted by Silke

When I received a pair of sunshine yellow flip-flops I honestly wasn’t too thrilled about it. I usually don’t care for the thong between my toes and almost all of them hurt my feet after a very short period of time. 

To be able to give a fair review I knew I had to wear the Crazy Smushees from Smartdogs for at least a day or two. That is exactly what I did last weekend.

Yellow SmusheesAs soon as I slid my feet into the Smushees I was astonished. They fit very snug and secure on my feet, are light weight and didn’t hurt at all.  
To the contrary, they make you feel like you’re walking on a bean bag. It’s heaven for your feet! 

I mostly wore my Smushees around the house and to run errands. Even after several hours my feet felt great and the thongs stayed on while running around the house cleaning and were comfortable to drive in as well.

Here is what the manufacturer says: The crazy Smushee thongs by Smartdogs feature a unique “Smushees” foam footbed, the tiny polystyrene micro-beads easily shift and conform to all foot types and provide customized comfort while walking. 

High density EVA midsoles help provide long lasting comfort and support.  This active comfort sole provides excellent cushioning, traction, and durability.

Tanya in SmusheesThe unique cushy footbed of these thongs invigorated my feet and the little paw prints on the soles are so cute. I can’t wait to wear them to the beach this summer to see my shoe prints. :) All in all, I’m not a converted flip-flop lover now, but I will certainly wear my bright yellow Smushees to give my feet a break from high heels now and again. I think they will feel even better once the weather warms up. (We had another snow storm yesterday.)

Smushees are machine washable, available in six bright colors and retail for $35.00.  Being so reasonably priced you can get a pair for yourself and another for your flip-flop wearing friend.

 Click here to order your own Crazy Smushees!

My daughter got a hold of my Smushees yesterday and wore them with toe socks. What do you think? Will she start a new fashion trend?

This product was provided to me, at no cost, by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. I did not accept monetary compensation for reviewing or writing about this product. I only review products that I have personally tested, and all opinions expressed are my own.


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