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Posted by Silke

With all the online shoe stores and bargain fashion sites to choose from, my favorite one is still

Just the other day I ordered a pair of boots (review to come at a later date) for under $40 with free overnight shipping. I placed my order right around 7 pm and had my new boots in hand before Noon the next day. How is that for customer satisfaction? I must say, I was very impressed.

To be honest though, the main reason I like shopping at are the great sales they offer. (I hope you didn’t miss out on this year’s end of the year sales. Wow, I found some great buys.)

How about this week’s special: 20% off accessories and women’s new arrivals, plus free shipping!

Just in time to get you thinking about spring!

In addition to their great savings and huge selection they offer free overnight shipping on all new styles and free two-day shipping on everything else. And of course, return shipping is always free. That, my fellow online shopping friends, is hard to find anywhere else.

Here are some more fun fashion accessory items to ‘save’ money on. ;)


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