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Wearing flip-flops can cause foot problems ranging from stubbed toes and cuts to overuse injuries such as foot stress fractures.

Personally, I have never been a fan of flat heeled shoes. Besides the pair of Smushees I received for a review recently, you will hardly ever see me wearing them. I find flip-flops and thongs very uncomfortable and annoying and prefer a pair of shoes with heels, even if it’s just an inch or so, and nothing between my toes.

Here are some dos and donts for flip-flop wearers from the American Podiatric Medical Association and yours truly:

– Shop for flip flops made of high quality soft leather, it will eliminate the potential for blisters.
– Make sure your foot doesn’t hang off the edge of the flip-flop or thong.
– Gently bend from end to end, shoes of any kind, even flip-flops should never fold in half.
– Throw away your flip-flops if they show signs of severe wear. You don’t want to get stranded when your flip-flop breaks and wrapping tape around it just isn’t sexy.

– Wear the same flip-flop for a long period of time or year after year.
– Ignore irritation between your toes. This can lead to infections and blisters.
– Wear flip-flops while walking long distances. They offer virtually no arch support or shock absorption.
– Do yard work while wearing flip-flop. I know a lady that ran over her foot while mowing, extremely painful and not a pretty sight.
– Ride a bike or run in flip-flops. I don’t know how many times my kids have come home in tears after painfully stubbing their toes on the sidewalk.
– Play sports in flip-flops. It can lead to twisting of the foot or ankle, as well as strains and breaks.

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