5 Tips on How to wear a Loop Scarf – Infinity Scarf by FRAAS


Summer is slowly but surly creeping to an end and with Autumn comes Scarf season once again.

I was once again the lucky recipient of a beautiful FRAAS scarf. FRAAS- The Scarf Company originated in Germany and has been producing high quality scarves for over 130 years. This family business has always combined tradition with innovation – with great success. Today, V. Fraas is the market leader in the manufacture of textile accessories, which are appreciated for their premium quality by the most exclusive brands worldwide.

Silke's review on the FRAAS Fairlisle Infinity Scarf

FRAAS Infinity Scarf in Rose

I am delighted to have received the FRAAS Fairlisle Infinity Scarf in Rose.

This scarf is very light weight and super soft. As you can see in the picture this scarf transitions very well from late summer into fall. Unlike traditional scarves, this lovely scarf is sewn together at the ends to create a loop that you wrap around your neck. There are numerous ways you can wear an infinity scarf, also know as circle, tube, loop or eternity scarf.

Depending on how you like to wear your scarf it will add a wonderful touch of color to almost any outfit and will keep you warm during the colder months.

Not sure how to wear an infinity scarf? Here are some fun options:

1. Simply wrap the scarf around your neck twice, like I did.

2. Wrap it twice and then spread the layers over your shoulders.

3. Use it as a head wrap by pulling one layer over your head.

4. Use it as a cape by pulling one layer over one shoulder and the other layer over the other shoulder.

5. Use it as a bolero or vest by inserting your left arm through one end and the right arm through the other end.

Infinity scarves in four different colors.

The FRAAS Fairlisle Infinity Scarves are available in four pretty colors: Navy/Turquoise, Camel/Ivory, Rose/Petals and Black/Grey.

You can find FRAAS scarves in specialty stores throughout the country, by calling the company directly at 212-575-0191 or visit their website to see their wonderful selection of ladies scarves at www.fraas.com.

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