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I’m sorry to say that I’m a couple of days late and a dollar short on writing this article.  Regardless, I’m very proud to announce the One Year Anniversary of the Sexy Shoes Expert website.

This has been a labor of love!

I have learned so much in my research and writing of 90+ articles and product reviews, it’s been very satisfying to me. Of course, I have always enjoyed wearing high heels and who doesn’t like fashion accessories. But being able to write about it and maybe helping other people along the way is truly amazing.

I will continue to provide reviews on shoes and fashion accessories, as well as write articles on sexy shoes, the latest fashion trends, tips and news. The monthly Giveaways have been well received and since I love to give stuff away I’m going to continue with it as long as I can.

Sexy Shoe Cupcake

Sexy Shoe Cupcake

Thank you to all my wonderful visitors! I value your opinion, feedback and all the positive comments I’ve received this past year. I hope you enjoy this website/blog as much as I do.

I would also like to thank my husband Nick for being ever supportive and loving, and for buying me cupcakes with sexy shoes on them.

Here’s to another great year of online shoe shopping and article writing. :)


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