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Silke and I have been together for almost six years now and I knew from the onset that she liked shoes. To be more specific, high-heeled shoes. This might seem like a trivial matter but a small part of how we form opinions about each other is based on the clothes that we wear. Enter the world of high heels.

a guys perspective on women's high heelsIf the old adage ‘If the shoe fits then wear it’ is true then we can take the other analogy of ‘clothes reflects the person who wears them’, and throw it out the window. Just because a pair of high heels might fit someone doesn’t necessarily mean that they look right in them.

You can tell when you’re at a formal gathering who feels comfortable wearing the clothes and who doesn’t. Silke always looks comfortable wearing high heels. The image she projects is one of classy elegance that seems to transcend her to another level. One downside is that I always feel as though I am under dressed on these occasions. On some level, high heels are intimidating to men. How does a guy compensate, clothes wise, with high heel shoes? While I’m at work, steel toed boots are the norm. My clunky hiking boots that I find comfortable and self-reliant don’t mix well with her attire either. They should advertise a shoe for guys that matches a girls high heels. We don’t want to up stage women yet at the same time we don’t want to offset them as well. A pair of shoes for guys that compliments them would be perfect.

Let me be clear about something, if Silke wore hiking boots all the time I would still be infatuated with her but the image that she portrays wearing high heels is one of confidence and style that most men find irresistible.

By guest blogger Nick Jager from www.jagerfoods.com.


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