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Posted by Silke

Beautiful pair of high heeled sandals I ordered in teal blue.

Luichiny Sandal

The color in real life is very vivid with a nice sheen to it. Luichiny’s Gal Lop sandals also come in brown, purple, red, black, champagne, fushia and yellow.

The bow with the metal piece on the back of the shoe and the silver heel give it some extra oomph and I particularly liked the red heart with anti-slip ripples on the soles of the shoes. Once in hand, these sexy little sandals look fairly well made. I did notice a couple of tiny glue spots and a little fraying on the heel. Nobody would ever see this though, unless they had their nose right up to it.

I had a hard time with the snap button on the ankle straps; they were rather difficult to open. Wouldn’t want to deal with these buttons if I had freshly painted nails. Once the button was open the back zipper made the shoe easy to put on and I didn’t feel any rubbing or pressure points on my heels. The heel height also felt very comfortable.

The one other issue I had with these shoes is the fact that my little toes are very short and they pushed out of the side of the shoe. Keep in mind that everybody’s toes are different and this is most likely not an issue for most of you. Overall this is a very sexy looking shoe at an amazingly low price.

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