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Posted by Silke

Do you love Neon Shoes as much as Anna does?

Read on to find out.

I received an email the other day that spiked my curiosity:
“i want to tell you guys i have this shoe that i made, its like a short boot with a pink flower on the side where your ankle goes with green ribbon with neon yellow dots on it and it also has a zipper the heel of the boot has neon blue zig-zag on it and where your foot is its neon green polka dots with neon yellow zig-zag and the little under thing on it is neon orange zig-zag and neon pink polka dots and then where the neon yellow zig-zag is the green polka dots go all the way up the ankle part and thats really my shoe that i made” – -anna, colorado springs colorado

Needless to say I asked Anna if she could send me a picture of her shoe. The next day she replied, take a look at her awesome drawing.

Drawing of a shoe with neon colors

Shoe Drawing by Anna

i am anna felton age:11 i chose those colors because i like neon colors, i didnt have black and white though because i love ZEBRA PRINTED shoes too,

just one day i was in my room drawing stuff and i was like i’ll draw a boot and so i did. Why i like high heeled shoes is because im just like my mom she has billions of shoes. normally i like neon hi-tops, i have 1 pair of wedges and i tried to draw a wedge but i couldnt get the shape, but it still looks good with the heel. I really wish i knew how to make shoes cause i would make and where those shoes so much if you guys could make that shoe that would be the bomb (i know you cant though). i have a lot of shoes and so does my mom, my mom wont let me get heels i can only get wedges and thats all i have to say”

Dear Anna, thank you so much for sending me your shoe drawing. I absolutely love it!

I think your Mom is right though, you should stick with wearing wedges, flats and sneakers until you get a little older. I couldn’t find a pair of Neon Boots that could even come close to yours, but here are a couple pictures of Neon Shoes I think you, your mom and my readers would equally enjoy. :)

Dolce Vita Neon Multi Stella

Neon Platform Shoe

2 Lips Too Green Wedge

Neon Green Wedge

Neon Heels by Guess

Neon & Black Pumps

So, how much do you love Anna’s drawing of The Neon Shoe?
Leave me a comment below.


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