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My husband, our friend Mark and I went to the Oktoberfest in New Ulm this last weekend.

This year marks the 150th Anniversay of the local beer brewing company. August Schell Brewing Co. is the second oldest brewery in America. New Ulm is located in Southern Minnesota about one hour southwest from Minneapolis.

After setting up our tents at the Flandreau state park, our best friend Mark, my husband and I arrived just in time for the festivities to begin. Along with an assortment of beers we enjoyed the authentic German music, fun souvenir stands and costume characters.

The Narren Of New Ulm consists of a group of characters wearing wooden masks, mostly handcrafted in Germany and colorful costumes. The Narren kept the crowd entertained all night and as the evening progressed folks were dancing not only on the dance floor but in the isles as well.

I did spot two ladies wearing not so authentic but very sexy beer girl costumes.

Lady in costume

I was able to shoot a picture of only one of them. It looked similar to the Beer Girl Costume I like, with the sexy shoes she was wearing she definitely pulled it off.

This was a crowd for all ages, from toddlers to grand-parents and a fun time was had by all. It got a little chilly that evening in our tents, but we would certainly do it again.

Maybe next time we’ll plan ahead a better and get our hotel reservations in a little sooner. :)


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