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 Review of Shapercise Shapewear

The new Shapercise, powered by ShaToBu products have been launched this past November in Duane Reade stores. This new product by Shapercise has been developed by Chiropractor Dr. Denise Perron and provides shaping and support for the tummy, hips, thighs and derriere plus adds extra resistance with strategically placed seamless bands for increased muscle work when moving around.

Shapercise, powered by ShaToBu markets their product to be able to shape, tone and burn calories all in a single package. I received a sample of the Waist to Knee Shaper and the High Waist to Knee Shaper in a size medium and have been wearing one or the other for several days now.

At this point I really can’t tell if my muscles look more toned and I don’t understand the science behind it. I do like the extra support on my thighs and derriere. Click here for more information on the technology of shaping underwear.

Unlike the old shapewear from twenty years ago, this shapewear is easy to pull on and feels surprisingly comfortable. Unfortunately I found the top rolling down throughout the day when wearing the shorter version. So, if you need the extra support above your waist line, I highly recommend spending the extra couple of bucks and going with the high waist to knee version of the Shapercise.

It is bitterly cold where I live right now and I’m actually wearing my Shapercise instead of long thermal underwear. They keep me warm where it counts, without adding any extra bulk.

Shapercise comes in a range of sizes to fit people from 95 to 235 lbs. and cost around $30. Each Shapercise underwear and workout in one package comes with a cool pink and black (love the colors) Pedometer and exercise tips.



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