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Posted by Silke on March 4, 2011

We get an emotional lift from shopping, especially sexy shoe shopping.

Most of us consider shoes more of a necessity than handbags, designer jeans or other fashion accessories. With clothing prices expected to rise 10 percent this spring, according to Anne D’Innocenzio Associated Press, it’s getting harder and harder to justify our need to purchase new clothes.

Sexy Shoes Shoes wear out more quickly than a handbag or pretty scarf and if you’re on your feet a lot then spending $100 or more on a pair of high quality shoes isn’t too much of an indulgence, as long as you can afford it.

Many shoes, of course, can be had for a lot less, which makes them a recession-friendly indulgence.

Most shoes being bought today are fairly moderately priced. According to executives at Macy’s, women’s shoes typically cost half as much as a handbag of similar quality. Plus, the cost per wear of a pair of sexy shoes if lower than that of a dress. New shoes freshen up any old outfits you might have in the back of your closet. This makes buying a pair of new shoes a much cheaper alternative to buying expensive clothes.

Clothes shopping can be exhausting, especially when you have to try everything on. Shopping for shoes online on the other hand is fun. And like my friend Becky says, “I think about value much more than I did before, but I still have to have my shoes”. She snapped up a pair of Anne Klein heels recently for 60 percent off at an sales event.

So, instead of investing a lot of your money on expensive new outfits this spring you should buy yourself a couple of sexy pairs of shoes.

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