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Every year we try to find the sexiest shoes to accommodate our changing wardrobe.

Now that the leaves are almost gone, the temperatures are dropping and fall festivities are almost upon us, let’s find out which type of shoes are sexy for the upcoming Fall/Winter season.

Nicholas Kirkwood, a very talented shoe designer, made the following insightful statement in a Glamour article a while back:

“The sexiest type of shoe is the one that makes you feel in control and empowered. It’s one thing for a shoe to look sexy, but it really needs to make you feel sexy”.

Sexy Shoes For Fall

With that in mind, here are 10 of the sexiest 2015 Fall Shoe Trends:

  1. Velvet Victorian-Inspired Heels
  2. Ankle Boots With Lucite Heels
  3. Mary Janes In Ruby Red Leather
  4. Embellished Combat Boots
  5. Multicolor Wedge Booties
  6. Boots With Many Buckles
  7. Two-Tone Oxford Heels
  8. Rainbow colored Booties
  9. Orange Over-The-Knee Boots
  10. Suede Midcalf Boots

Which type of shoes do you find irresistible? I still absolutely adore the Chelsea booties in this article, but when it comes to sexy footwear I always prefer my shoes with 3 inch+ heels.

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