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Tips and tricks on how to take care of your Sexy Shoes and beautiful feet.

Scroll down to find out how to properly measure your feet, a printable women’s shoe sizing chart and information on how to read those funky labels inside your shoes.

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Shoe Care:

  • Before you wear your shoes or boots for the first time use a silicon/water repellant spray (especially for suede) or shoe polish to make your shoes last longer.
  • Wear a pair of athletic socks in your new shoes to stretch them out or
  • Place a bag of water in each shoe and place them in the freezer (make sure the bags are watertight) until the water is frozen,  remove from freezer and thaw for 20 minutes. Wipe dry with a paper towel.
  • You can also rub a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the inside, where the shoe rubs.
  • The caps on the end of the heels can crack and need to be replaced. You can purchase replacement heel caps to switch them out yourselves or the shoes can be taken into a cobbler for repairs.
  • To help keep the shape of boots, invest in boot trees or stuff them with paper (old newspaper works great).
  • If your shoes start to look dull and worn out, help the color stay fresh by applying polish and conditioner.
  • Keep your pretty shoes tucked away in a closet that is room temperature and keep them covered.
  • Your shoes will last a lot longer if they have time to rest and recover their shape, so switch them daily.

Foot Care:

  • Place a small band aid on your heel or toe if the strap or shoe still rubs in a certain spot.
  • Wear your shoes around the house, especially on carpet, to get comfortable walking in them.
  • Keep your toe nails short and clean with a sharp toe nail clipper.
  • When painting your toes leave a little strip on either side so your nail can breath.
  • To avoid yellowing of your nails, always wear a clear coat and remove the nail polish after 7 days.
  • Don’t use nail polish remover more than once a week, it will dry out your nails.
  • Use moisterizing lotion like this Very Private Body Silk  after each shower or bath.
  • Shave your legs regularly yet lightly, this will avoid those nasty red bumps.

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Finding the Perfect Fit (Reprinted from Payless ShoeSource)

  • Measure both feet. Some people have one foot slightly larger than the other. Choose the size that fits the larger of the two.
  • Consider the socks or tights you’ll wear most often with your shoes. For thicker socks or tights, you may want to order shoes 1/2 size larger than you normally wear.
  • Measure your feet in the afternoon, when feet tend to be their largest.
  • If you require a wide width and no wide width sizes are available, try ordering a ½ size larger in the regular width.

Women’s Shoe Sizing ChartPopular Shoe Colors for Spring and Summer

Popular Shoe Colors for Spring and Summer

Shoe labels explained:

There should be two labels on your shoes. The first label tells you the origin of the manufacturing. This label is a requirement of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection.

The second label is a breakdown of the construction of the shoe. It is divided into two columns and each column has three categories. The left column shows the three parts of the shoe (upper, inside and botton of shoe) and the right column shows the materials used for the parts.


Leather: This is the hide or skin from an animal that has been put through a process called tanning. There are many types of leather and that is an educational page all in itself.

Coated Leather

Coated Leather: This is one of the processes of treating leather; basically the leather is coated with one of a variety of products for the desired look.


Textile: This means fabric, the list is endless. This is one of the symbols the vegans, vegetarians and eco-friendly consumers look for because it means all natural or man made materials are used for the construction.

Other Materials

Other Materials: This is still man-made materials just a little different because these materials usually refer to the sole of the shoe. The most common of these materials are Thermoplastic Rubber, PVC, Rubber Compounds, Crepe, and Composition. All of these materials are friendly for the Vegan, Vegetarian and Eco-Friendly consumer.


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