Spring Must-Haves By Kushyfoot

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Spring Must-Haves By Kushyfoot

I’m a huge fan of Kushyfoot products when it comes to foot comfort while hearing heels!

The new Spring and Summer essentials collection by Kushyfoot is a must-have for any fashionista and professional working woman. Their foot covers, socks and tights massage your feet with every step. Kushyfoot now offers amazing foot products to make any pair of heels, even open-toed shoes and slingbacks, more comfortable to wear

Shop for these Spring Must-Haves!

As you might know I have been reviewing and wearing these products for several years now and couldn’t imagine my life without them. Kushyfoot products are super stylish, comfortable and well made! Take a look at the other Kushyfoot reviews I have written over the years.

Now, lets take a closer look at the new Spring and Summer Must-Haves for high heel lovers:

Lace Top Toe Covers

The Lace Top Toe Covers are the perfect answer for open back shoes! They are designed with a clear heel grabbing slingback strap to keep them in place and beautiful lace tops to cover your toes. With these stylish Kushyfoot toe covers you will be comfortable wearing all of your sling-back shoes. Available in Nude and Black for only $3.99/pair.

Peep Toe Foot Covers

The new Peep Toe Foot Covers by Kushyfoot will give you the freedom to wear your favorite open toe pumps and still be comfortable in your killer heels. They feature a heel grip to help them stay in place and give some extra cushioning where most heels like to rub (you know that little spot on the back of the heel). Peep toe foot covers are available in Nude and Black.

Foot Cover and Knee Highs with Cotton Sole

The Kushyfoot Foot Covers and Knee High Socks feature cotton soles that are specially designed with a massaging sensation for that extra comfort in your shoes. It’s the perfect blend of style with the comfort of cotton to ease any foot pain while wearing heels. Available in Nude and Black for the foot covers and for the knee highs.

Sheer Anklet

Wearing Sheer Anklets with pumps is an effortless way to enhance your Spring wardrobe. Wear them with a flirty dress and Mary Janes for a polished and dainty ensemble. Kushyfoot sheer anklets retail for only $3.99/pair and feature:

  • Zig zag soles to protect the balls of your feet
  • Super stretchy design to fit every foot shape and size
  • Available in Nude and Black

Other products by Kushyfoot include trouser socks, crew and yoga socks, flats to go, tights, slippers and a men’s section so they can experience the Kushyfoot comfort we women have known and loved for all these years!

 Have you tried any of the Kushyfoot products before? Please share your experiences below.


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