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Gold Tipped Shoes for Spring

While some trends are slow to catch on, others like gold capped shoes spread like wildfire the minute they hit the runways.

Current interpretations of these chic, toe-dipped shoes manage to be both ladylike and subtly edgy. They feature everything from of-the-moment contrasting color combos to modern textures. Spotted in… Continue reading

Five Elegant High Heels For Spring

If you don’t know what elegant shoes or sandals to wear this spring and summer, women’s shoes designers offered a lot of new trendy models for the season. They practically set the trend for this year and it is better to listen to them if we want to be in fashion, looking both elegant and spectacular. Aside the casual shoes and sandals offered this year by the large fashion houses, including platforms and silver leather summer boots. This year’s collection include a wide range of elegant, stylish, fine shoes, with sharp tips that stand the test of time, suitable for any occasion in the hot season. Continue reading
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