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Posted by Silke on January 14, 2011

It is hard to look sexy, even in the hottest high heels, when you’re not feeling it.

Especially in the winter time it’s easy to put on a few extra pounds, the nightly walk around the neighborhood becomes a huge chore when it’s 20 below outside. And who wants to go to the gym when it’s so much easier just to cuddle on the couch and watch the latest netflix movies.

Here are a few simple exercise tips that will help you tone your thighs and buttocks and best of all you can do them anytime and anywhere, even while wearing your sexiest shoes.

Side Leg Raise
Keep your leg straight and slowly raise your leg out to the side making sure your hips stay square. If you’re wearing high heels it’s best to stand next to a wall or grab a chair for support so you don’t tip over.

Do 10 – 15 repetitions, then repeat exercise with the other leg.

Take a step directly in front of you while hanging on to your office chair or any other chair or stable object, with your knee bent at a 90 degree angle. Keep your knees square over your toes and look down to admire your sexy shoes.

Alternate legs for 5 to 10 repetitions each leg.

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, again holding on to a chair or other stable object so you don’t fall out of your heels, and squat as if sitting in a chair. Slowly rise from the squat. If you feel it burning in the back of your thighs you know it’s working.

Repeat the squat 10 to 15 times.

Climbing stairs
When taking a step up, slowly raise your knee to a 90 degree angle gefore stepping down on the stair. Make sure to use the hand rail if you’re wearing high heels so you don’t end up tumbling back down. Try to incorporate every day tasks into this routine, like holding a cup of Starbucks coffee in the other hand to promote proper posture.

Up the ante by taking two stairs at a time, very slowly.

Chair exercise
Sit with your back straight and both feet on the floor, shoulder width apart. Straighten one leg and slowly lift until horizontal with the floor, hold position for 5 to 10 seconds and dangle your sexy heels if you want.

Repeat with the other leg, continue alternating legs for a total of 3 to 5 repetitions for each leg. You can do all of these exercises almost anywhere!

Remember to drink lots of filtered water throughout the day to flush out toxins and to make you feel less hungry.

Believe me, if you do these thigh and buttocks exercises regularly you will feel and look sexy again in no time.

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