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Highest High Heels in the World

Controversy has been stirring for the last few years now over the staggeringly sky-high heels available to us.

If you are wearing heels on a regular basis, or for several hours a day, most doctors recommend a heel height of no more than 2 1/2 inches. That doesn’t mean you can’t look like Beyonce, Jessica Simpson and Snooki once in a while, who were all spotted wearing sky-high heels recently.

Here are a few of the worlds highest high heels:

High Heel by Jessica Simpson

Bendie heels by Jessica Simpson

sky high heels by Aldo

Strombeck high heels by Aldo

Inesa highest high heels by LAMB

Inesa wedge from LAMB

stunning sparkling wedge from Giuseppe Zanotti

Sparkling Wedge from Guiseppe Zanotti

Worlds tallest high heels

world’s highest heels are 16 inches tall

Apparently, the world’s highest heels are 16 inches tall with an 11 inch platform – that’s a 5 inch difference. OK, I know this is going a little over board now. It’s more like wearing stilts instead of heels.

Shop for 5  inch and higher High Heels here.

Do you have a favorite pair of sky-high heels? What brand are they and do you find them comfortable to wear? Please leave a comment below.

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