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Tips for high heel shoe lovers

Most of us love to wear sexy shoes but we don’t want to potentially hurt or embarrass ourselves.

You want to wear your sexy high heels without having to worry about tripping up, tipping over or falling down. This is an age old dilemma between wanting to look sexy and being comfortable and safe. Here are some great tips I found while browsing online the other day.

1. Choose shoes that have ankle straps. Or straps across the vamp, like Mary Janes. Why straps? Even though experts say ankle straps will visually ‘shorten’ the leg, I believe it is always safer to have a strap on, especially if you are teetering on 5 inch and above heels. Think those pumps look good without a strap? Think they are easier to slip on and off without the troublesome straps? I did too, until many embarrassing falls later, I decided otherwise. Have you ever walked fast and tripped because one side of your shoe slipped off your foot? I bet it has happened to most of us fashionistas, it happened to Leighton Meester as well. It doesn’t usually happen when you are trying on the shoe in the shop, it only happens after that, when your shoe stretches due to wear and that’s when the strap is really, a blessing in disguise. If you couldn’t be hassled with conventional straps with hook, look for shoes with elegant Velcro straps. It is quite trendy nowadays!

Girl Tripping in Yellow Pumps

2. I am obsessed with booties and shooties now, as they have more hold on the feet, due to the high cut vamp vs the low cut normal pump shoe. So, if you don’t like ankle straps on your pumps, then buy a bootie or a shootie. A bootie is cut slightly above the ankle while a shootie is cut below the ankle, a cross breed between a pump and a bootie. Shooties emerged 2 years ago and I don’t think it’s gonna fade anytime soon! It’s too cool!

3. If you want height, yes, you know it – platforms. Platforms provide more comfort as your feet are not arched at a vast angle. However, I caution you don’t buy anything that has too high of a platform – you also have a potential to fall. I call this the ‘tipping’ of the foot on the out step. See picture above, where I circled red. Noticed how her feet ‘tipped’ over? Those happened to me a lot. That’s a sprain waiting to happen. Ensure your platform height is not more than 1 – 1.5 inches. Anything more is risky and also screams ‘bar top girl’.

Girl Tipping in Wedge Heels

4. For work, go with 4 inch heels. It’s still sexy and relatively kinder to your feet and calf muscles. Anything higher should be saved for special days. It’s not kind to your body to wear 5 or 6 inches to work everyday. Need to go higher? 4.5 inch would be good. A brand like GlamRockChic specialises in 4 and 4.5 inch heels for work wear.

5. Look for shoes that have leather lining and leather in soles. When you arch your feet in heels, you are putting stress onto it unnaturally, especially on the balls of your feet and the sides of your toes. You will want materials that are soft and flexible. Most mainstream shoe brands I know these days only use leather for the upper (outside) part of the shoe and use PU for the inside part. Pay a little bit more for leather insides for that extra comfort. It is really worth it, from my experience.

Butter T-strap Sandal

6. Don’t buy shoes that are too hard. Just on layman terms, when you pick it up, it feels hard all over, leather’s tough as nut, toe area’s hard – put the shoe down. No point buying cause if it already feels like a brick in your hands, it will feel like a brick on your feet. It WILL chafe. It WILL blister. It WILL hurt like hell. I know. I got many blisters for show and tell due to my habit of buying shoes because I like how they look, not necessarily how they feel.

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