Try Before You Buy Shoes


Try Before You Buy Shoes

Learn about the new shoe shopping – Try On Before You Buy’.

Online retailers have had this type of program set up for buying eyeglasses for a while now, but as far as I know this is the first shoe shopping website to implement this program. It’s about time! If buying shoes online stresses you out than is the perfect solution for you. They let you try on shoes before you decide which ones you want to keep.

Here is how the Try Shoes On Before You Buy program works:

#1 Pick 3 Pairs of Shoes

Pick out any three pairs of shoes from’s huge selection of designer heels and boots. You can search shoes by size, style, brand, color, heel height, fashionality, trend, occasion, lookbooks, special collections and sales. There are over 9,000 pairs of shoes to choose from, including many popular designers like Kristin Cavallari, Charles David, Betsey Johnson, Sam Edelman and many, many more. Find the perfect heels yourself or you can use the step by step guide to finding the shoes you will love.

#2 They get shipped for Free

Your three pairs of shoes will get shipped to you at no cost to you (only available in the Continental US).  Get the same pair of shoes in different sizes or colors and keep the ones you like and fit best. Or pick three completely different styles. There is no need to settle for just one pair ever again.

#3 Decide which ones to Keep

You have five days to decide which pair of shoes you want to keep. Try on the shoes at the comfort of your own home and walk around in them until you decide which ones you love the most. You have five days to decide, plenty of time to try the shoes at your leisure without pressure. Can’t decide on your own? Invite your best friend over for coffee.

#4 Pay what you Keep

The program is free until you decide which shoes to keep. The shipping is always free and makes returning shoes very easy, they provide a return label for any unwanted shoes.

Online Shoe Shopping just got 100% more fun and exciting!

I’m heading over to right now to pick out a few pairs of sexy shoes. I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of strappy black sandals. This is so awesome and I can’t wait to be able to try them on at home. 🙂 No risk, no hassle, no commitment, I love it!

Try the new Heels At

Are you more likely to Buy Shoes Online now that you can Try them on At Home? Leave me a comment below.


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