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title pic Water Arch Tags for High Heels Giveaway

Posted by Silke

Have you heard about these super cute and inexpensive Arch Tags for High Heels yet? What a great way to glam up your favorite high heels without spending a lot of money. Arch Tags™ are the hottest trend taking over women’s footware across the world for a mere fraction of a designer pair of heels.

Water Arch Tags for High Heels GiveawayMy Giveaway this month is this set of  Water Arch Tags!

Alex from Arch Tags says: “This is a very special tag. For every purchase, I will donate $4.00 to a charity which helps bring clean drinking water to villages in need. For more information on this charity and the money Arch Tags is raising, please visit: mycharitywater.org/archtags – Thanks for your support!”


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