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title pic Ways to Pamper Your Feet after a Day in Heels

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While high heels make a great fashion accessory, they’re not always so friendly to your feet. Here are a few ways to help put your feet at ease after a long day in heels:

  • Stretch – When you take off your shoes, give your toes and Achilles tendon a good stretch. It can help improve circulation in your feet and prevent the shortening of the Achilles tendon, which can occur from chronic high heel wear, and causes tendonitis and heel pain.
  • Lotion – Applying lotions on a regular basis can help with calluses and corns. An emollient lotion can help improve thick, hard skin cause by tight high heels.
  • Salt Soak – A soak with Epsom salts, bath salts or even table salt is a great remedy for blisters caused by high heels. It can also help with general hot spots. Salt from the soak will help with drying out blisters. Soaking in salt can feel refreshing, but be sure to moisturize afterwards because salt dries out your skin.
  • Foot Cream – Foot cream is a great moisturizer and can help with calluses and cracks. Creams can be very cooling as well.
  • Foot Spa Soak – A warm, soothing soak after a long day in heels can help restore your feet. If you need to reduce calluses or cracks in your skin, try adding a little dishwashing liquid to moisturize and kill bacteria. There are a number of different foot spa models to choose from.
  • Pedicure – Getting a regular pedicure is not only a nice beauty treatment, but useful too. Keeping your toenails in good shape can prevent them from becoming ingrown, which can be caused by shoe pressure. Just make sure that the pedicurist is using sterile instruments if you choose to have a pedicure in a professional salon.
  • Elevate Your Feet – During the day blood and fluids tend to pool in the lower legs, causing swelling. Lying down with your feet up after all that time in heels helps with your circulation and the swelling. Make sure to have good support under your legs for this purpose. You can either use pillows or there are lounging devices designed for the purpose and are adjustable.
  • Foot Massage – With clean feet, you can give yourself a little massage or have a friend or loved one help you. There are various kinds of techniques to help your feet relax.

These are several great ways to ease daily pains caused by fashionable footwear, but if you’re experiencing persistent pain, numbness, or burning for about a week you may have an injury. See a podiatrist soon if this is the case.

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