What makes a shoe sexy?


title pic What makes a shoe sexy?

Posted by Silke on June 16, 2010

There are so many styles of shoes out there, from stiletto heel to platform, sandals with all its variations, boots, clogs, slippers and what not. You can buy your shoes in a rainbow of colors and made out of all sorts of materials such as different kinds of leather, synthetic rubber, plastic, man-made fibers and compositions, wood and certain fabrics such as linen, satin, and silk.

But what makes a shoe truly sexy? In my opinion it’s a woman’s attitude, confidence and ability to walk in her shoes before the style, color and brand name of the shoes.

Sexy Biker Boot

Let’s look at your attitude first, what kind of image are you trying to convey? Imagine going to a biker fest, wearing high heeled biker boots, a leather mini skirt and a halter top. If you are trying to look like a tough cookie you better have the attitude to go along with it. It’s a mind game with yourself, if you think you are a sexy, tough cookie then you come across as one.

By the way, high heeled biker boots were the big fashion rave in the fall of 2009. 

Platform Shoes

Platform Shoes

Now, let’s take a look at your confidence level. Take a good look in the mirror from the front, side and back. Do you like what you see? Be honest with yourself. There are always a few things that we’d like to change about our appearance but it doesn’t do any good to dwell on them right before your big date. Instead take a look at the gorgeous shoes you bought for this special occasion and how they compliment your outfit. You look taller, leaner and sexier.

Platform shoes, Wedges and peep toe ankle boots are the must-haves for the summer of 2010 .

And last but certainly not least is your ability to walk in your shoes. All the attitude and confidence in the world doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know how to walk in your expensive stiletto heels. There’s nothing worse then a beautiful gal with gorgeous shoes traipsing around like she had a few too many.

7″ Stiletto Heel

This spring we saw heels higher than 7 inches. Yikes! You really need to have great balance to pull that off. All I can say here is practice, practice, practice. Walk your heels around the house while vacuuming the carpets, if you start to tip over you’ll have the vacuum cleaner to hold on to.