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Have you ever heard of the ‘Primark Effect’? Neither have I, until I came across this article titled “How the ‘Primark Effect’ has boosted women’s shoe collections by 50% in two years”. Of course this caught my attention and I found it interesting enough to share with you.

Forget clothes and handbags, it seems women are more obsessed with shoes than ever.

The average lady owns an average of 34 pairs of shoes and boots, spending a staggering £10,000 in a lifetime on their footwear, according to a new study.

The figure is double the amount reported just two years ago and experts are dubbing the trend the ‘Primark effect’. Linking the rise to the increasing amount of budget fashion stores selling shoes for next to nothing.

Women Shoe Shopping

Obsessed with shopping for shoes?

Meanwhile it seems men are also growing more accustomed to regularly purchasing new shoes, owning an average of 14 at any one time. More than half of the females surveyed admitted to buying a pair of shoes, sandals, flip-flop or boots every month.

However many are making their purchases in secret, with 53% of women admitting to hiding new shoes from their partners or parents.

A third of women who took part in the study confessed to hiding shopping bags in their cars and smuggling them inside when their partner left the house.

‘It’s a well-known fact that women have a great love of shoes and handbags, but we were surprised by the sheer volume of shoes that women have in their wardrobes and how much they spend on their collections,’ said Barry Rourke from Fitted bedroom retailer Betta Living, who carried out the research.

And men, whilst a long way behind their female counterparts, are also investing heavily in footwear.

‘We took this into consideration when designing our internal storage systems for the bedroom and created the heel deal – bespoke storage for your shoes, boots and handbags.’ According to the study, the average woman’s shoe collection includes stilettos, work shoes (with a lower heel), wedges or espadrilles, knee-length boots, shoe boots, flat boots, flip-flops, sandals, pumps and trainers.

The stiletto was voted the sexiest shoe, with 71% of women revealing that they instantly felt more attractive when wearing them, whilst most of the men surveyed said they considered pumps to be the most unattractive footwear a woman can wear. Read more: Dailymail.co.uk

I feel very lucky to have a partner that enjoys my shoe purchases almost as much as I do. There is no shoe smuggling going on in our house, we learned to stay within our budget.

How much of your hard-earned money are you spending on new shoes every month? Leave me a comment.

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